Really, GOP?

A new NBC poll shows that a strong majority of Republicans aren’t concerned, or are just “a little concerned” about sexual harassment allegations made against frontrunner Herman Cain.

So while you can be all proud of yourselves for your first African-American candidate, maybe this should be raising some other concerns among you? Once your done patting yourselves on the back about having “The Koch brothers brotha from anotha motha” as your frontrunner, maybe you should start evaluating how seriously you take sexual harassment.

(As a sidenote, my favorite moment in the clip is at :58 when there’s an elderly chap standing up clapping because he forgot to turn his hearing aide on and he thinks that Herman Cain just said everyone was getting free pizza.)

This is not a question of another candidate creating nasty rumours. This is a matter of facts. This is a matter of the National Restaurant Association having paid off an employee with a year’s wages as settlement. People don’t give you a year’s wages just because somebody called you “sweetheart”


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