I think I’m becoming post-politics.

I just don’t give much of a shit any more.

Don’t hold your breath, expecting me to stop writing about politics. I still give enough of a shit to ridicule politicians who are nothing but corporate puppets or just straight-up clowns.

There are just so many politicians begging for ridicule (of the American variety, anyways).

But I think I’m at a point in my life where people are significantly more important to me than political causes (which of course do involve people on a personal level, I admit). I’d rather work on developing better relationships with my family and people who think differently than I do instead of being militant for causes that are ultimately not going to deliver.

There are so many things that inherently divide us. Different backgrounds and experiences, different classes, different languages and religions. Why add one more thing? Why make politics, something so superficial, one more barrier between us?



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