Dear Mr. Governor

Dear Governor Snyder,

I write you as a constituent deeply concerned about the future of my state. Although I temporarily relocated to Delaware to start work on my Masters degree here at the University of Delaware, I proudly consider Michigan home.

Although there are many things I miss about my home state, living in Delaware does have its advantages.

One of the top advantages to Delaware is the by-and-large LGBT friendly atmosphere. For example, starting in 2012, I could enter into a civil union with whom I wished. As I look towards the future and completing my degree in a year and a half, I think of the possibility of moving back home to Michigan. But when I hear that you and the Republican majority are working to take away domestic partner benefits for us in the LGBT community, I think of friends in the LGB community who have moved away from Michigan to places in the Northeast or the Pacific Northwest where our rights are better respected.

These aren’t individuals looking for work as sales clerks or janitors. These are educated, talented people that the state of Michigan is losing.

If you want to make Michigan a destination for top-notch, educated talent, a place where business would want to open their doors, this new law you are about to pass will only damage our state. Even if you allow an exemption for universities to make their own decisions regarding domestic partner benefits, what kind of message does that send? Equal rights are permissible in some circumstances, but not all?

I would love to keep Michigan on my list of potential places to move to after finishing my degree, but actions like this tell me I’d have better luck elsewhere, that Michigan is behind the curb.

I sincerely hope that this won’t be the case.

Warmest regards,



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One response to “Dear Mr. Governor

  1. Andrea B.

    I hope you really sent it.
    Because the incentive to residency in MI is getting smaller – no jobs, a terrible economy, (a Republican governor), and rights being taken away? Not looking so good, Michigan legislature.

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