Who cares, NC?

The news out of North Carolina has been a bit of a shock for the world of everything gay here in the USA, I think.

I haven’t been following the story very closely, but as far as I know, I don’t know anyone who expected the amendment to get passed so soundly – on a 60/40 margin.

So it’s not really surprising that NC voted in favor of it but, still, the polling prior to this vote suggested it would be closer.

More people voted in today’s NC election than in the highly contested 2008 Democratic primary. In fact, over 500,000 more people voted in today’s election than did in the primary four years ago.

Which makes me really uncomfortable.

I guess I really didn’t care that much about NC voting to once more ban any type of marriage that isn’t one man and one woman. (This time it’s in the state’s constitution – gay marriage was already illegal, though.)

Before proceeding, it should be noted that this isn’t just about gay marriage. From Mother Jones : “While it’s being called a gay marriage ban, the amendment is more than that—it’s an all-out refusal to recognize any kind of partnership or union that isn’t marriage. So gay North Carolinians, who couldn’t get married anyway, are screwed, and so are straight, unmarried North Carolina couples.”

The American Religious Right has a fixation on marriage and on keeping a small minority group out of that institution for the sake of its “protection”, for the sake of its “sanctity”. If we were really concerned about the sanctity of that institution, why not enforce laws that make it harder to get divorced? Why not attack shows like the Bachelor or the Bachelorette that make marriage into a reality TV farce? (Forgive me, I’m sure there are newer, better, badder versions of that show, but I’m definitely not hip enough to have any idea what they are. Oh yeah, and I don’t own a TV.) Why not make it necessary to have a one year waiting period between the time people get engaged and the time they get married to emphasize the weightiness of entering into this type of union?

Ladies and gentlemen, I propose to you that the Religious Right doesn’t give a shit about the sanctity of marriage or the seriousness of this union. If they did, they wouldn’t bother doubly banning fags like me from getting married.

Why, NC? What are you after?



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