This is what change looks like

A beautiful thing happened in my state tonight, and as much as I criticize what goes on in the Mitten State, it’s only because of how much I love it.

Oh, I know. I left Michigan because I wanted to get away from this for a while. I wanted to get away and live somewhere to function and live as a normal human being – and I got just that when I moved here to Delaware last August. For a lot of people here on the east coast, this sort of news story probably doesn’t make much sense because non-discrimination laws are pretty universal here.

But this is something beautiful from my state. This is people getting together to argue passionately in the face of discrimination in a small town where walking hand-in-hand with the person you love could probably still get you beat up. What many people my age take for granted here in Delaware or elsewhere in the surrounding area is still being fought for, and it’s a hard fight many places in the Midwest.

So I’ll let the news article speak for itself.

Here’s to you, Small Town Michigan. Here’s to you, every single warrior for equality from across the Midwest.

The bravest, most beautiful act in the world is love.


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