Days like this

Days like this you don’t feel like going to make phone calls for a political campaign or getting hung up on or yelled at.

Some days the news makes you cry while you’re driving in your car.

Things like this aren’t supposed to happen.

We’re numb to bombs killing scores in foreign countries where we’re at war. We’re numb to other people’s children getting mowed down in gunfights. We’re not used to our own children, brothers and sisters, friends, loved ones – here in this country, here in the United States – getting killed on a Thursday night.

We’re all thinking about Colorado – but what about the other regions of the world, even other regions of our own country, where these things are expected.

If twelve people get killed in the southside of Chicago in a weekend, no one notices. Twelve people getting killed in Syria is a good day – at least it wasn’t more.

And days like this you feel the weight of it all – for whatever that’s worth as a person of privilege living in a good neighborhood in a safe city where I can walk the street at any hour of the day without feeling threatened. Not so unlike the people of Aurora last Thursday before midnight.

Everyone deserves a safe place to live, to grow up, to hang out with their friends, to go to the movies… I’ve heard remarkable things about the people of Aurora and how they’re rallying together. Let’s rally with them. Let’s rally with the people of Aurora, and every community and country marred with gun violence, every community on and off the news.

We need less days like this.

Colorado – you are majestic. You will rise above.


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