Don’t let it bring you down, it’s only Facebook haters

People are divided on former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm’s fiery speech last night at the Democratic National Convention – even a few Democrats are saying that she had a Howard Dean moment when she got on stage.

You can decide for yourself, the speech is only about 6 minutes long.

I loved this speech. Jennifer Granholm fired up the crowd. People were on their feet for almost the entire time that she was on stage. This is what convention speeches are supposed to be about: Firing people up and driving home a simple message. (In this case: Manufacturing jobs.)

What I hate is some of the comments I’ve seen on Facebook today – particularly the ones telling her to “go back to Canada” – where she spent all of four years of her life as a child. If you didn’t like her speech, if you didn’t like her as governor, fine. I disagree, but fine.

But what gives with the xenophobic “She’s not one of us” discourse? We hear this all the time with Barack Obama as well. He’s just “not an American” as a Congressman from Colorado has recently said.

This is what is supposed to make us great as a country, that we all come from different languages and backgrounds and ethnicities and we come together as one country to form a beautiful fabric that’s all the stronger for its many strands woven together as one. This is what is supposed to make us great.

If there is anyone, anyone, who is allowed to say things like this, I can think of only one group. I realize that these sort of comments that you see on Facebook are made in passing without any serious reflection, but I think that they betray a certain level of hubris that’s ingrained in the white American psyche.

Governor, if you ever do go back to Canada, even though you only spent four years of your life there, and although I really prefer you here in the U.S. because I think we need you, take me with you? I happen to love Canada and I happen to have a couple pretty awesome friends who live there. I wish one of them in particular would come back to the U.S. so I got to see her more often!


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