Back at it

The polls have got me nervous right now. Happy to be back out hitting the streets of Chester Co., talking to voters.

Talking to voters always reassures me about this country, about people in general. It reminds me that most people are decent human beings, that we all want the same thing: a better future for this country.

It’s been a summer of canvassing, and a month into the fall. For something I was incredibly un-enthused about when I started, I have to say that canvassing is a refreshing, hopeful, and encouraging exercise. In that time, I have had incredibly few bad experiences – ironically they both came in the same neighborhood and within five minutes of one another.

It’s frustrating to me that our national political discourse is so skewed by the media and money.

There are a few people who are so vested in making a profit off of our political system that it keeps us from having a serious discourse about what needs to be addressed, what needs to be fixed. There are few seriously divisive issues which face us, I believe. What could be undertaken and dealt with otherwise we have turned into soundbites and punditry.

We could be so much better.


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