SOS Michigan Pt. 2

12 hours later, my day’s not done as much as I’d like it to be.

I’ve arrived in the state capital of Pennsylvania after a much needed recharge with my neighborhood team from Obama for America.

If there’s ever a time we’ve needed organizing, it’s now.

Tomorrow: Another state capital. On to the mighty Wolverine State where I will be joining protests TUESDAY MORNING at 9.30 against “Right to Work” legislation that Michigan Republicans are sneaking through during the lame-duck session.

Term papers be damned!!! This is our state’s future.

I encourage you to be there with me at the capital, rallying for our great tradition of supporting workers’ rights.

If you can’t be there, I encourage you to SPREAD THE WORD.

I’ve started a petition on – and there’s another petition on Democracy for America. Sign one, sign two, start a third.

Finally, here’s a video of Rep. Brandon Dillon of Grand Rapids speaking out against union-busting. You’ll have to watch it and tell me how it is, the internet at my Motel 6 is too slow to watch it besides in tiny 5 second bursts.


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