War on Christmas

While I don’t normally do this, I wanted to pass along a great article from Mark Sandlin at Soujourners. Reading it, I wish that I had such eloquence to say something which I feel so strongly.

I know that for many people today in the United States, there is a lot of discomfort with this holiday and we don’t know how to talk about it. I received more comments and feedback on my own post two weeks ago than anything else I’ve written (which is to say one comment and three e-mails).

The more we are silent in our reservation about this problematic holiday, the more we allow corporate America to hijack this holiday. The first Christmas made the establishment scared. Christmas today in the western world does nothing but to make the establishment wealthier and wealthier at the expense of the downtrodden, the poor, the marginalized.

Here’s a little excerpt:

Yes, there is a “War on Christmas,” and we Christians have been supporting it. If the present day, white-washed version of Christmas continues to be the dominant version, then I believe a great darkness will smother us in a sea of privilege and perverse oblivion to the struggle of those most in need — the oppressed, the downtrodden.

And here’s the rest of the article.


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  1. Lindsay

    I read another article this week that was basically like, Fox News is waging a war on Advent. Since, you know, it’s not actually Christmas yet. Christmas gets it’s own 12 days but NOT YET.

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