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The Age of the Possible

Maybe it’s just knowing what we’ve done that makes us cower before the possible. Knowledge that you wind up in one of three categories sooner or later.

A) Doing. Conquering. Killing. Conquesting. Genociding. Crusading.

You become a Christopher Columbus. You become an Adolph Hitler. You become a crusader. You destroy millions of lives. You leave a plume of smoke in your wake. Yeah, sure you get blood on your hands, but we’re sort of impressed, aren’t we? (You must get up awfully early in the morning.)

B) You speak up in the face of this malfaisance. Then you get the chopping block. (Notable alumni: Jesus. He seems to be the only one who’s gotten away with it.)

C) You do nothing. Which is what you’re doing right now. You’re not comfortable with it, but could you be anymore comfortable with the alternatives?

To be fair, I guess there’s choice D as well: Despairing. Realising that you are no more than a cog, a consumer, a part of the problem and so forth so you just get on the fast track to where everyone else is heading one day and kill yourself. How very, very selfish of you.

You know, I’ve been thinking about going up to the street preacher at school and thanking him. I’m sure I don’t agree with a thing he has to say but I love that there’s somebody out there who gives a damn. I appreciate that he goes home at night and comes up with great posters to help me understand visually with that tiny scrap of intellect left to me by my life of homosexualist debauchery that I am going to hell and, also, that Satan is my daddy. No really, I’ve been thinking about bringing him a coffee or making him cookies but I don’t want him to try and exorcise a demon.

I wish that I could give a shit the way that he does – and with the sort of perspective he’s got. Hell I’m just woried about making it through each day without getting a surprise evualuation while I’m teaching and figuring out how I’m going to finance the booze fund. I legitimately wish I could get my frame of mind into this sort of perspective.

Unfortunately this usually involves someone dying so, you know, my wish isn’t that pressing.


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Apathy & Stagnation in the age of the possible

Maybe because we are reared with the belief that it is possible, we don’t give a shit. It would be like going to Paris for real instead of just watching Amelie. Yeah, it’d be great for five minutes when you’re up at the top of the Eiffel Tower but you know is it really worth the jet lag and the dogshit on the sidewalk and the accordion player in the metro who won’t fuck off?

They tell us that it’s possible and we believe them, I guess.

I mean, why not? Our parents put a goddamn man on the fucking moon and our grandparents beat the shit out of Hitler and his Nazi worms.

So what have we done so far? I mean, besides invent Facebook and elect a black man to the White House? (And then complain about what an awful president he is in all our status updates?)

We could barely manage to organize a goddamn protest. Can you imagine if we tried to put a protest together back during the Vietnam years before Facebook and all that other holy, sacred social media? Ten years of war in Iraq and Afghanistan and it took our own unemployment to get us into the streets. Thousands of our own people dead in a war over bogus WMDs and we need to wait for our income levels to stagnate  before we manage to put our kindergarten coloring skills to good use, scrounge around for a marker, get some poster board or a leftover pizza box, put the two together and walk it out to the street?

We’re better connected to the rest of the world than any generation before us and all we want to do is watcha bunch of guidos get drunk and sleep around on TV?

We’re the generation that could have.

We’ve been too goddamned conditioned to believe that if enough of us sign an online petition and click “like” on Facebook that that will make shit happen.

Well guess what. Shit’s still happening.

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