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What gives, Rick Scott?

What gives, Rick Scott? Why are you afraid to let the people vote?

The Rachel Maddow Show is doing a great job covering the situation in Florida which is turning into a nightmare.

Check out these photos – lines here, lines there, lines everywhere.

Head on over the Maddow page on NBCnews.com for more coverage. People waited in line for one, two, four, eight hours – according to TRMS some people stayed there past midnight waiting to cast their ballots.

Rick Scott isn’t embarrassed, I’m sure, as long as Romney carries the state. We’ve already seen one Pennsylvania politician say as much about their own voter ID law, promising that Romney would carry the state thanks to their confusing, though now rejected, voter ID law.

We know what the goal is: Republicans have a weak candidate this year and are trying to rely on various tactics to keep people from voting, whether that’s mandating a government ID or cutting early voting. Of course there is nothing wrong with expecting a photo ID for people to vote; Republicans have been making this argument and you know what? It makes for a great sound bite. “You need ID to buy alcohol, you need ID to vote.”

The partisan games going on in big-time states that are going to matter tomorrow is stomach-churning, from Pennsylvania to Ohio to Florida.

Moments like these turn voters into heroes. Moments like these remind us all why voting is so important, no matter where you live, no matter your issues or your candidate we need you to participate in this great democracy of ours.

To all these folks in Florida and Ohio and across the country waiting in lines for hours, missing work or meetings, waiting for hours at a time, waiting until 1 am – you are my heroes. You are showing us that democracy is not a spectator sport, so don’t get comfortable, America. People are trying to make it harder for you to vote because they know that your vote matters.



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A little perspective

It’s good to remember your place in the world. Injustice anywhere is inextricably linked to injustice at home, it is a threat to justice everywhere.

I feel privileged to fight against injustice with a relative amount of security in the United States. Cases of violence against gay men and lesbians occur – and occur with all too great a frequency – but there is little organized threat against us in most corners of the United States.

Not so in many other corners of the world. And hell, it’s not even “corners” of the world, but great swathes.

Just one news story. One out of so many others. The people of Lebanon, the people of Iraq, the people of Uganda, the people of X country, Y country, Z country.

We need more leaders like Hillary Clinton. A major reason why I am supporting Barack Obama’s re-election is because of the courage his administration has in spotlighting the need for equality. Mitt Romney’s promise if he gets elected to office? He won’t deport us or criminalize homosexuality.

If this becomes the U.S. policy – quiet tolerance at best – what does that mean for the rest of the world? Would Romney’s Secretary of State deliver speeches to the UN about the need for leaders to be out front, leading their respective countries on the question of LGBT rights? What would Romney’s election mean not only for us as the LGBT community in the United States but for our fellow LGBT siblings across the globe? Our progress is linked. We don’t make advances in isolation of one another and Romney’s election would be an inevitable setback for all of us.

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The choice

Need any more proof that there is only one viable candidate for LGBT people in this election?

Mitt Romney reportedly met with gay Republicans recently seeking their support. Did he do to a Log Cabin Republicans event or a GOPride event or, God forbid, the HRC? Nope. He went to a “rural farm” where he met with them privately.

We have a president now who is fighting for us and with us. President Obama has signed the Mathew Sheppard Act which allows hate crimes to be investigated on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity, he has endorsed marriage equality, and fought to end Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

Mitt Romney is promising that he won’t send us to internment camps….

Is the choice clear enough? Get out and vote!

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I sent in my absentee ballot this morning!

How about you? Have you registered to vote? Are you going to be away from your precinct for the election? Request your absentee ballot today! It’s as simple as a Google search “[STATE NAME] Absentee Ballot”.

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