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For the backstory, check out this helpful article from MLive.

The best part is Ari Adler, spokesperson for House Speaker Jase Bolger, getting quoted at the end of the article:

“Majority Floor Leader Jim Stamas has informed Minority Floor Leader (Kate) Segal that Reps. Brown and Byrum will not be recognized to speak on the House floor today after being gaveled down for their comments and actions yesterday that failed to maintain the decorum of the House of Representatives.

Adler said that under Stamas’ floor leadership, “the House Republicans have allowed more debate on the House floor than ever seen in the past few sessions when House Democrats were in charge. House Republicans often go beyond simply allowing debate by welcoming open and passionate discussion of the issues before this chamber. The only way we can continue doing so, however, is to ensure that the proper level of maturity and civility are maintained on the House floor.”

And here’s what Representative Brown actually said.

So let me echo Representative Brown in questioning this move on the part of Mr. Stamas. Where is the offense? Where is the breach in decorum?Using a medically correct term for female genitals? In expressing her dismay that Christian colleagues are trying to force their religious views on her while she refuses to force her religious views on them?

This is what our democracy has become in Michigan: the rich deciding the fate of the poor, debates over font-size on certified petitions, men deciding what to do with women’s vaginas.

In the words of my favorite bumper sticker: Don’t worry. Keep ignoring your rights. They’ll go away.


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