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Montesquieu reads Mitt

“Je ne sais comment il arrive qu’il n’y a presque jamais de prince si méchant, que son ministre ne le soit encore davantage; s’il fait quelque action mauvaise, elle a presque toujours été suggérée : de maniéré que l’ambition des princes n’est jamais si dangereuse, que la bassesse d’âme de ses conseillers.”

“I don’t know how that happens that there is almost never a prince as nasty as his ministers; if the prince undertakes some underhanded, dirty dealing, it was almost always suggested to him: the ambition of princes is never as dangerous as the base characters of his advisers.”

-Letter 127, The Persian Letters, Montesquieu

Still trying to figure this Mitt Romney guy out? You’re not alone. I think he’s still trying to figure himself out, too.

In a week when both Benjamin Netanyahu and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad gave blustering speeches at the UN, you might want to consider Romney’s foreign policy team, which is spearheaded by Dan Senor and other former members of the Bush-Cheney foreign policy team.

You might want to consider Mr. Romney’s foreign policy team and the words of M. Montesquieu.

The context changes, but some words are timeless.


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